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John GarveyJohn Garvey

We needed a whole room redesigned. We turned the closet into an office space and the remaining portion is now the dining room. Nick and his crew were wonderful. Keep the mess to a minimum. He came out everyday to make sure the work was done correctly. The project was finished on time. He was not the cheapest bid. Very worth it. We are so happy with the work. It turned out better than we expected. He made suggestions which were appreciated. I can't say enough about how professional and amazing the finished room is. So happy we choose GP Homes And Repair.

Natalie MyersNatalie Myers

GP Homes and Repair just finished up a seamless and painless kitchen remodel for us and I’m here to shout their praises from the rooftops. Since we live in central Plano (i.e. a 1970’s house), I’ve always dreamed of remodeling our kitchen but was worried about the process and how our family would survive without our main gathering/eating/cooking and entertaining area. I’ve heard lots of horror stories and was certain we would be adding to it after we finally made that step. However, enter Nick and David and their whole crew from GP Homes and Repairs and I can’t say enough fabulous things about the entire process. After our dishwasher started leaking and caused quite a bit of damage to cabinets and flooring in our kitchen, we decided that now was the time to do it. From the beginning steps of designing to demo day and finishing ahead of schedule (on Thanksgiving week), Nick and his team had us fixing our turkey dinner in our new kitchen and surrounded by our loved ones. We are big on communication, professionalism, staying within budget, and quality work. I’m happy to say that they exceeded our expectations and check all the boxes. Do yourself a favor and give Nick or David a call/email when you are looking for your next home project needs.

John DavidsonJohn Davidson

I’m very impressed with GP Homes and Repairs. Very professional. Nick was always on top of everything during the construction phase of my project. He made helpful suggestions and recommendations that made the finished project beautiful and functional. For me though the best thing is that after everything was finished Nick and team is still on top of things. I had a couple of things that needed attention and no matter how minor the response was the same as during the project. Very rare these days that after the final payment is made that someone is still available to back up their work. I highly recommend GP Home and Repairs.

Terry ChenTerry Chen

I contacted a number of contractors to have some extensive termite damage repaired. Nick from GP Homes and Repairs was the first to reach out and also the first to visit. In fact, many general contractors never contacted me back, so I appreciate Nick taking on this job.
He was very accommodating of my many requests and took efforts to understand the details that I desired. Everyone was polite and professional.
Pricing appeared to be reasonable considering the extent of the termite damage. The provided materials appeared to be of good quality.
Pressure treated wood was used so as to be more resistant to future termite damage. The paints had good color matching and were good quality. The finish work overall looked decent.

I did have a number of issues:

- When I first asked him if he has his work permitted with the City, he said "yes." Towards the end, I realized there were no permits opened on my house. I called the Building Inspections department and was told that the work being done required a permit. I called Nick and he suggested that it's my responsibility to request the contractor to pull a permit, and not the responsibility of the contractor themself to automatically obtain a permit. He indicated that my request for permitting would be an additional $1500. Before work began, Nick never asked me if I wanted a permit. I thought that he would already, (A), know when a permit is required or not required, and (B), be obtaining necessary permits for all work. I would like to see Nick automatically working with the Building Inspections department regarding permitting.
- Paper floor covering was laid sparsely and did not cover the entire work area. There were a number of scratches left on the floor afterwards, to which Nick offered only a $50 discount. I would like to see the entire work area, entry, and all pathways covered before work begins.
- Covering over furniture was not securely taped, so dust easily blew under. I would like to see more emphasis on dust control, like having coverings tightly taped over furniture and floor-to-ceiling containment.
- Despite the ongoing pandemic, nobody wore any face covering in the home.
- Subcontractors were unfamiliar with proper insulation practices. This was the case for the fiberglass originally provided but also with the mineral wool that I later on requested and supplied. I would like to see more focus on proper insulation and air sealing details.
- Subcontractors were unfamiliar with electrical. I would like to see the necessary electrical subcontractors provided to handle electrical.
- One of the wires were severed during the repair, and Nick proposed repairing it by installing a junction box that he would bury inside the wall without an exposed cover plate. He installed the box exposed per my request, however, I'm concerned that he considered that burying the junction box was acceptable.
- Nick warned me that my crown molding could not be perfectly matched, which I understood. However, the subcontractor hauled off one of the removed pieces as trash and Nick informed me that the piece was damaged upon removal and could not be saved. The pieces did not appear un-salvageable, so I'm disappointed the pieces were not retained, as there is no match available.
- The caulking he used started cracking and separating only a few days after work completed.
- There was a lack of communication regarding the invoice details. As my job involved termite damage, there was often additions being made to the work order. Nick did not provide any updated invoices until the last day of the job.

I'm grateful that Nick frequently asked about my satisfaction with the work throughout. I felt it difficult to express some of my concerns (such as the ones I described above), but overall, I think the experience was acceptable and the work was decent. I hope that my feedback in this review will be helpful to Nick and his team at GP Homes and Repairs.

TLL' WorldTLL' World

I had exterior wall repair with them. They are great and very professional. Danielle was excellent with a whole explanation of the issue, what to expected, what could be a possible issues. I got 3 different quotes from 3 different companies. The. Fee setting is average, I guess. The contractors came on time and finished the repairs like I was told. My experience with them was fantastic and I would highly recommend to my friends and family.

I have hired MANY contractors over the years but I have never been sad to see one leave my house like I was with Nick of GP Homes and Repairs! I have had my share of nightmare contractor projects in my life with this being one of very few that went as promised from start to finish! I understand the meaning of good customer service and Nick very much understands Good Customer Service! Usually people only take the time to write bad reviews but I feel that GP needs recognition for outstanding service and great can do attitude. Highly recommend Nick and his team for any home project!

Nick Pariente the owner and General Manager of GP Homes and Repairs was a pleasure to work with. We sat down and worked out all of the details of this project and then we negociated a price which turned out to be very reasonable. Nick then took over the project and scheduled the work in a very efficient and orderly process. All I had to do was pick the paint colors. His employees painted the entire house from ceilings to floorboards. They also updated 3 bathrooms including 2 baths and 1 shower with beautiful ceramic tile. Nick replaced 7 outdated doors with 6 panel doors and upgraded the hardware on every door in the house. All this in 5 weeks. My wife and I are very, very happy with the entire project. We will definitely use GP homes and Repairs again and will recommend Nick and his company anytime we get the chance.

Nick is very trustworthy and honorable. He takes pride in his work and wants to please you. He did multiple projects in my home, including some that would be considered difficult. He was always on time, showed up when he said he would. Converted 1 bedroom into 2 bedrooms, extended my patio by 10' by 12', repaired my garage walls and painted the garage, power cleaned the garage floors, repaired the casing on the garage door, installed a steel Gazebo in 100-degree heat!!!! , installed bedroom door, added new casing around windows and doors. I will definitely hire Nick again.

If it were possible to give 10 stars, I would do so. Contractor was here every day, produced exactly what I wanted, stayed on top of subcontractors to assure best possible job done, made suggestions for change when what I wanted was not feasible, only exceeded budget when I wanted it done, and quality of work was outstanding. My mother-in-law suite from a garage is the most outstanding transformation I know about. Believe home advisor could use pictures for a job extremely well done.

GP Homes and Repairs provided excellent service with installing our new Marble floors and removing our old carpet. He is and expert with providing the highest quality of service with his work. He kept us informed with detailed information throughout the project, step by step. He was very courteous and exceptionally polite. He is very neat, clean and organized. Our project was huge. He was always on time each day. He would immediately attend to the task at hand with our project. This business is a 100 in our opinion. We are hiring him again for another project. He is proficient with his work. I would say that this owner is a perfectionist. We have never experienced anything like this, with any other company in our entire life.