About Us

GP Homes and Repairs History

Our story began in February 2010 when a family member asked me to remodel a home that he purchased for investing purposes.  At the time I was in a different type of business altogether but always enjoyed home improvement projects on the side and was known in the family as ‘THE HANDY MAN’.

The house needed quite an uplift from inside and out. The plan was not working towards the house’s favor either.  So I consulted my wife who is an architect. Together we came up with simple but effective plan.  I then chose finish materials and colors.  As the days went by this house became my pride, I enjoyed remodeling it so much and dreamed about how much future owners will enjoy the house.  Suddenly I realized that I am in the wrong business, a new passion grew.  Or rather it was an old passion laying low, brought out by a larger project.

It took a few years for me to get out of my old business and fully dedicate myself to construction and remodeling that is how GP Homes and Repairs started.  To me, every job is a puzzle waiting to be solved.  Every project has a life of its own, its own requirements and challenges.  And that’s the fun part for me, is to figure out how to bring a remodel back to life.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the client’s satisfaction.  Because there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that I made someone’s life more pleasant and have given them something to enjoy for years to come.    

My approach to clients is ‘Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated Yourself’.  I personally get involved in every project and do a lot of work myself.  I take the time to communicate with the client and understand their needs and goals.  If the client wishes, I will gladly help select the paint color or any other finishes required.