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Handyman Services Plano, Texas

What are handyman jobs? Handyman jobs are those tasks and projects that you simply do not have time for. You know what we mean – those things that require more than just an afternoon. Handyman services are essential to the upkeep of your home or business. GP Homes and repairs provide professional handyman services to all Plano, Allen, Parker, Murphy, Frisco, Richardson, The Colony, and surrounding areas. Handyman services are essential to the upkeep of your home or business, especially if you want things to last longer and look better in general. That’s why having a handyman on call is essential for any homeowner. They can take care of all kinds of repairs around the house that would be too difficult for you, but they’re also affordable enough that it won’t break your budget, ensuring it’s something within reach for many people looking at homes.

Our Professional Handyman Services Include:

  • Carpentry
    Repairing doors, closets, or cabinets. Installing shelving units.
  • Door Installation
    Installing new doors and locks. Replacing old, worn-out doorknobs.
  • Electrical
    Installing ceiling fans. Replacing switch plates and outlets.
  • Furniture Assembly
    Putting together IKEA furniture. Installing shelves and entertainment centers.
  • Light Painting
    Touching up walls, painting an accent wall
  • Plumbing
    Installing new faucets. Replacing old pipes.
  • Roof Repairs
    Replacing shingles and tiles
  • Flooring
    Install new floorboards. Fix loose tile and wood floors
  • House Inspection
    Inspecting home and pointing out any problems.
  • Tile Installation
    Install new tile and repair existing tile
  • Bathroom Repairs
    Replacing bathtub and sink fixtures. Replacing Toilets – Installing toilets in a bathroom or replacing an old toilet.
  • Carpet Installation – Installing new carpets.
    Cleaning old carpets or rugs. Fixing sinking foundations with concrete fillers

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Advantages of hiring a professional for your handyman jobs include;

  • Guaranteed artistry. – A professional is familiar with the tools and materials needed to get a job done right.;
  • For homeowners, it can be more cost-effective than hiring several different contractors for each specific task.
  • Professional handypersons have access to special equipment that most people do not own or know how to use.;
    Hiring a contractor specialising in your particular project will save you time and money by knowing what supplies are necessary upfront.
  • Handyman jobs can be a great way to save money if you know what types of materials and tools are needed for your bathroom repairs.;
  • Professional handymen have insurance in case anything goes wrong during the process.

The most expensive part about hiring a contractor is having them come out for an estimate. A professional handyman will already be familiar with your home or business, so there is no need for an appointment. Having access to necessary supplies means that any job could get done within the same day, sometimes without ordering new pieces. Hiring someone who specializes in your particular repair allows them more time and resources than general contractors would generally have. Most homeowner insurance policies cover any damage done by a contractor on the property. It is easy to find someone who can do odd jobs and fix simple issues. Not all items are necessary to be present in order for the contractor to perform their job. Hiring a professional ensures that you do not have any safety issues or problems with your home. However, hiring an expert means they may charge more money than someone else would. A professional can work around even the most time-consuming projects and still get them done quickly. It can be difficult to find someone who is well versed in multiple areas. Professional contractors are more likely to charge you for extra time spent on the job.
They could also charge a fee for bringing along additional tools or materials if needed. Hiring an expert might take longer than finding somebody with general knowledge about your project.; Some contractors may be unable to perform all functions of the job, which could result in more than one visit. A professional contractor will also ensure that your home is safe for you and your family. Not having the necessary tools or supplies means that the project might take longer. For some projects, hiring a general contractor can actually cost less than calling someone who specializes in it. Having a professional come out and do an estimate can cost several hundred dollars. Not all projects require the same level of experience, making it hard to find somebody willing or capable.;

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  • If it were possible to give 10 stars, I would do so. Contractor was here every day, produced exactly what I wanted, stayed on top of subcontractors to assure best possible job done, made suggestions for change when what I wanted was not feasible, only exceeded budget when I wanted it done, and quality of work was outstanding. My mother-in-law suite from a garage is the most outstanding transformation I know about. Believe home advisor could use pictures for a job extremely well done.

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  • GP Homes and Repairs provided excellent service with installing our new Marble floors and removing our old carpet. He is and expert with providing the highest quality of service with his work. He kept us informed with detailed information throughout the project, step by step. He was very courteous and exceptionally polite. He is very neat, clean and organized. Our project was huge. He was always on time each day. He would immediately attend to the task at hand with our project. This business is a 100 in our opinion. We are hiring him again for another project. He is proficient with his work. I would say that this owner is a perfectionist. We have never experienced anything like this, with any other company in our entire life.

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  • Nick Pariente the owner and General Manager of GP Homes and Repairs was a pleasure to work with. We sat down and worked out all of the details of this project and then we negociated a price which turned out to be very reasonable. Nick then took over the project and scheduled the work in a very efficient and orderly process. All I had to do was pick the paint colors. His employees painted the entire house from ceilings to floorboards. They also updated 3 bathrooms including 2 baths and 1 shower with beautiful ceramic tile. Nick replaced 7 outdated doors with 6 panel doors and upgraded the hardware on every door in the house. All this in 5 weeks. My wife and I are very, very happy with the entire project. We will definitely use GP homes and Repairs again and will recommend Nick and his company anytime we get the chance.

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  • I have hired MANY contractors over the years but I have never been sad to see one leave my house like I was with Nick of GP Homes and Repairs! I have had my share of nightmare contractor projects in my life with this being one of very few that went as promised from start to finish! I understand the meaning of good customer service and Nick very much understands Good Customer Service! Usually people only take the time to write bad reviews but I feel that GP needs recognition for outstanding service and great can do attitude. Highly recommend Nick and his team for any home project!

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  • Nick is very trustworthy and honorable. He takes pride in his work and wants to please you. He did multiple projects in my home, including some that would be considered difficult. He was always on time, showed up when he said he would. Converted 1 bedroom into 2 bedrooms, extended my patio by 10' by 12', repaired my garage walls and painted the garage, power cleaned the garage floors, repaired the casing on the garage door, installed a steel Gazebo in 100-degree heat!!!! , installed bedroom door, added new casing around windows and doors. I will definitely hire Nick again.

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