Full Bathroom Remodeling Richardson, Texas

This custom shower was designed to mimic a waterfall.  The tile was installed vertically so the pattern gives a sense of water trickling down.  The blue glass tile was used to bring serenity to the overall experience and wash the stress from the day away.  The smooth stone on the floor was used to give a sense of nature.  The shower also features a rain head, hand held shower head, custom shampoo niche and a seat.

This shower and master bath was a part of a full house remodel.  Originally the house did not have a defined master suite.  Our in-house architect designed a scheme that required us to close a corridor in order to create a master bathroom and suite.  This required framing, plumbing relocation and concrete repair.  The original old bathroom that had a tub and small vanity was totally transformed.  The new master bathroom was now directly connected to the master bedroom with double vanity, 4×5 custom shower, a linen closet and commode.